Mortgage Advisor

Mortgage Advisor

Robert S. Snyder

Loan Officer

Silex Financial Group, Inc.

Bob Snyder

Bob Snyder, a Residential Mortgage Advisor, works directly with the consumer to analyze their credit, assets and income in order to determine the appropriate mortgage program for their needs. Bob is committed to raising the bar in customer service. This comes as no surprise to those who know Bob's prior experience.
Bob's prior business experience includes twelve years in the restaurant industry, much of the experience coming as owner/proprietor of Sweet Dreams Cafe in Madison, NJ.
When you decide to buy a home or refinance a mortgage, it's a big step. You can trust Bob to find the loan program that's best for you. Even more important, you'll get service you can trust!

I believe the role of a Loan Officer is to guide every client through the complete mortgage process, taking the time to make sure they understand every step of the loan process. This is why I prefer the job title of “Mortgage Advisor”. Over time most people build a team of advisors including an accountant, a financial planner and attorneys. Why wouldn't you have a mortgage advisor? As a mortgage advisor I often work with a client for up to two years before I even do a mortgage for them. Over this time we will spend time reviewing credit, setting possible purchase goals or reviewing current mortgage terms. The idea is that you will always have a trusted advisor at your side for all your real estate questions and concerns. As a mortgage advisor I take pride in knowing I have helped my clients make tough decisions, save money and alleviated the pressures of a difficult process.

As a mortgage advisor I work with my clients in many different aspects of Real Estate transactions. From the early stages of discussing options to pre-approvals, all the way through to sitting with them at the closing table! Often I spend time with clients reviewing their refinance options or explaining to them why they should not refinance. There are many services that I perform on a daily basis, below is just a short list:

  • Purchase Loans-Looking to buy a house? It is important to have someone you trust help you navigate the process of funding your mortgage.
  • Refinance Loans-It is important to carefully weigh the options of a refinance. Does it make sense? Is now the right time?
  • Credit Repair-There is a direct correlation between credit score and your mortgage rate. The earlier we start working on your credit the better. There are many issues that could arise with credit as well as many ways to repair these issues. Let’s work together to rebuild your credit and set you up for the best mortgage rate possible.
  • Loan Program Review-Let me work with you to determine the appropriate mortgage program for your needs.
  • Loan Process Counseling-When most people buy a house they have no idea what to expect. Often they go into the whole process blindly. It can be a very daunting process. I spend a lot of time with clients well before they are ready to begin looking. We review the process and expectations, lay out a game plan.
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